Festival Branding

Autumn 2016

Moogfest is an annual music festival that celebrates musicians and artists who work within experimental means of electronic music/art. My project was to conceptually re-brand the festival and create a series of items that would accompany the festival branding. My concept focused on a strictly digital aesthetic, working within a more free-form space.

As an avid fan of electronic music and the Moog synthesizer company, I took the opportunity to develop a brand that I personally found represented the current state of digital art and music.

Festival Logo

I worked on keeping the festival logo simple and straight forward. I wanted something that could be work seemlessly across a variety of platforms and integrated well within the brand.

Gradient System

I developped a series of complex gradients using digital warping techniques. I wanted to move beyond the basic gradient and create something with more texture and visual interest to contrast the simple logo.

Festival Posters

Festival Landing Page

Festival Program